At playschool

The presidential election at the US didn't seem to have any influence to our morning. Our day started as normal. Even though, I was reaaallly tired. But the sunshine outside helped a lot. We went to our playschool.

I played around with my outfit a little and put on some purple lipstick. The playschool teacher asked me if I had something special going on today :) I said no, I'm just experimenting.

Today my son was jealous of the bow that my girl got to wear. I let him try it on too and he loved it.

Jacket: H&M | Dress: Phoebe Design | Leggins: Abercrombie&Fitch | Shoes: Puma

Dress: Lindex | Body: Tutta | Leggins: Mini Rodini | Socks: vintage  

Hat: Marimekko

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