Christmas already in the stores

Today after my chi-ball class I went to Stockmann to get some clothing to a fashion shoot that we have tomorrow. When the job was done I found myself looking Christmas decorations. They are so cute. I would have expected there to be more black and white decorations since that is the hit thing right now. But Stockmann is true to it's Christmas traditions.

Here are some of my favorites.

I am seriously thinking of buying a white Christmas tree. It would be super cute and it would be perfect background for any colour. Green on the other hand is harder. The most of all I love authentic real live Christmas tree, but it requires so much work. But the smell...aah!

My boys would love those cars. We have a traditions of going to Stockmann right when the Christmas sale stars and everyone can choose their favorite decoration (of those which are left). I hope my Christmas tree will be on sale :)

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