Happy Friday

My hair was redone. Now it's perfect. No yellow anymore. It is maybe the best hair I've ever had as my good friend put it! I can't thank enough lovely Taryn. She made such an effort to please me and fix my hair. Tom helped to get the wanted result and made his magic! He is soooo good with colours. THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I had to have my kids wait for me at the hair salon for a little while. Thanks for making that possible for me. I can highly recommend Salon Noir to you!

After my hair was done me and the kids saw Daniela. The boys went to play to Stockmann's and me, Daniela and the babies looked after some kids clothes for a photo shoot. I also went to get my price from H&M. Can you imagine that I won some more of that H&M Unicef Collection. I'm super happy. I usually never win anything.

Top: Marimekko | Jeans: H&M | Scarf: Marni at H&M | Socks: Marni at H&M | Shoes: Diesel | Lipstick: Mac Amplified Morange  B62

I just now noticed these cool Marimekko leather bags. I really want one! Preferably one with every colour :D

Boys had fun together. We went to eat, played some more and at the end of everything we bought Halloween ice creams. This was a fun way to spend our Friday. We are thinking that we should make this a tradition and meet once a month.

Did you have a fun day? What do you think of my hair now?

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