More FleeMarket finds

This morning it's just me and the baby. Oh what a peaceful morning. But we didn't sleep well at all so it is time to go get some rest. But first I want to show you guys what I found today. We went to the closest Fida and since I didn't have the boys with me I could go through some other sections than just toys. And this is what I found.

The first star is from Plantagen. It was also -50% off. And now I'm thinking I want couple more.

I don't know if the LV scarf is authentic. I doubt it, even though I hope so! At least they promised it would be. They even had it locked in their class vitrine.

I also found some instruments and toys for the kids. But I didn't have energy to photograph them all. Those cool retro curtains are going to go either to the kitchen or then to the kids room.

And those earrings....aaah! I made some good deals today. Don't you agree?

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