Naked truth

Many fashion bloggers have participated and shared a picture of them without make up. That is not a big deal to me. As much as I like dressing up and playing with make up, I am close to nature at my heart. I can easily leave home without make up, or then just wearing a little bit of mascara, founder and blush.

It is kind of luxury to have time to get my own look together. But for me beauty is many things. Not just pretty clothes and make up. Different can be beautiful, ordinary can be beautiful, ugly can be beautiful. I feel like beauty is everywhere, we just need to find it.

My dearest gave me beautiful flowers. It melts my heart. Don't you just love roses when they have matured to be really fluffy and round.

2 kommenttia:

  1. näistä kuvista tajuan, että näytät vähän elle fanningilta

  2. Hahaa Heli, musta se on vähän ärsyttävän näköinen. Ehkä se on sitten liian lähellä mun omaa näköä :)