Our day

After breakfast me and my two youngest went to the center to return the MMM boots. I love Stockmann and their playroom for kids. R stayed there while C and I took a tour at Stockmann and then returned the stuff to H&M.

I'm a bit sad now that I returned the boots. But I try to convince myself it was the right thing to do. My friend has awesome Marc by Marc Jacobs boots. I want to have them too.

I'm completely into Christmas right now. I love all the glitter and clam. But this year I think I still love the simple things and nature theme the best.

My favorites this year are the big basic white and glass balls.

When going home we stopped by at Fida flee market. They have everything -50% today and tomorrow. I found cool purple velvet jeans and a purple coat.

In the evening my mom came to pick up the boys. They went to sleep over at her place. Thanks, mom! I went to Plantagen with C to buy some flowers and had dinner with friends. I just had to put the new jeans on.

Today I've discovered again what it means to love and to be loved! And what a powerful tool helping and serving is. Thinking of others really makes a difference and I need to learn it more.

2 kommenttia:

  1. Siis makeet noi MMM saappaat mitkä palautit, mutta ymmärrän kyl toisaalta miksi palautit ne. Tykkäsin kans noista mitä testailit Stokkalla(?).

  2. Irene: Mä elän toivossa, että ne tulis alennukseen :) Ja noita Marc Jacobseja Stockalla käyn kuolaamassa tasaisin väliajoin.