I started cleaning the house this morning. As I told you earlier I'm enthusiastic to make some changes at our home. Usually I have this kind of urge in the spring or when I'm pregnant. This time none of those apply. But I'm still enthusiastic :) Check out our new carpet. It's from Ikea. I still love our old carpet but wanted some change. I didn't want to put it away, so I placed them side by side. What do you think? Is it silly?

The kids rooms are still in progress. Not as chaotic as in the pictures, but the rooms still need some storage for the toys. We changed the furniture order there as well.

In the evening we went to see 007-Skyfall. I loved it. We had a nice date.

My outfit | Top: Lindex | West: Numph | Jeans: Diesel | Scarf: LV | Coat: Vila | Shoes: HH |

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