Doesn't feel like new year

Soon we are starting a new year. This should be time for a big celebration, glamorous parties, sparkling, dancing, having fun but I'm not feeling it. I hope I could get in the mood..at least a little bit.

Anyways nothing too drastic has happened. We have played inside, went to see couple of houses the other day and today we went to church.

My outfit today was

| Top: In Wear | Skirt: Stine Riis Collection at H&M | Leggins: Vero Moda |

(I'm in love with my trousers from Lindex)

5 kommenttia:

  1. P.S. I'm not making any promises for New Year

  2. I am! usually I am like one of those "I think new years resolutions are cheesy" but this year I want to use it as a goal setting time for me... I want to lose 15 kilos since I have gained so much this past year none of my clothes fit!! I have TONS of awesome clothes and I will NOT buy new ones! Lets hope I am succesful and am stronger than the desire to eat too much! But cool your not promising anything.. maybe it's better that way

  3. Tykkään tosta vikasta asukuvasta! Mistä toi hame on?

  4. Hame on Stiine Riisin suunnittelema H&M:lle. Se on alessa, mutta taitaa olla enää 38 kokoa jäljellä


  5. Amber: That is a good New Years resolution. I'm going to start a diet too :) I want to loose 20 kilos. I'm doing with doTerran Slim and Sassy oil and shakes.