Fun sparkle for Christmas time

We (a group of friends) wanted to have a fun night out. So we booked a table at Patronas (a Mexican restaurant) and reserved tickets to FORK's Electro Vocal Circus performance. And we had such a fun night out. The show started a little bit slow, but grew on us by the time it ended. It was funny, but I think I liked it better the first time I saw their Pink Noise -show. But we got to stand up and dance, laugh and listen to some pretty awesome music.

I forgot my real camera home so here are my iPhone pics. Enjoy :)

My outfit
| Dress: Lanvin for H&M | Leggins: Pieces | Boots: Timberland |

P.S. Can you imagine my friend Dani hasn't heard this 80's classic. Ever! WHAT? Well, Fork performed this one too. Fun stuff. This video is the original version.

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