It's a wrap

We woke up early this morning. My oldest son had a Christmas party in his kinder garden and our whole family went there. I wish I had known the party was outside...we would have dressed according to it.

Also today was the last "kerho" before Christmas. Including me there were only 4 adults plus kids. It felt luxury. We talked, enjoyed refreshments and sang Christmas carols.

We all took a nap. Even me, yay! I needed it. I had stayed up way too long because of the Christmas card project.

We ate, had some visitors and had a sauna in the evening. For evening snack we baked mince pie (joulutorttu).

That was our day. Now it's me and some TV time :)

My outfit | Dress: Numph | Blazer: Marni for H&M |

My son's outfit | Top: Tommy Hilfiger | Jeans: PO.P |

Princess Coco's outfit | Body: H&M | Dress: Missoni for Lindex | Tights: Marimekko |

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