Mommys helpers

I promised my sister to help her shop some clothes. Then I promised my son that we would go Christmas shopping. Or actually that was the task for today in our Christmas calendar. We decided to combine all of this so I went to town with kids and then we met with my sister. Oh what a day. I just don't enjoy being in town with the kids. It's so overwhelming. So many pieces in that puzzle. All the putting clothes on, taking them of, where to eat, where to pee, someone gets tired and starts cranking or some item will get lost. Key to everything is timing which is very stressful.

Today however everything went quite well. But I'm still so ready to bed now. Bobbe fell a sleep in the stroller around 18 so you can imagine that he's not going to go to bed for a while. So neither am I. Unless my husband will be home soon.

I wore
| Top: Christell&co | Leggins: Pieces | Boots: Zara | Scarf: Kids H&M |

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