My day as a soccer mom

My husband usually takes my oldest son to his soccer practice, but today he had a Christmas party to attend to. Which meant I had to do it. My mom helped me. THANKS MOM :) I don't know how I would have done it without you. Moms played against the boys and then we had a Christmas party. I didn't play because I'm still recovering from the flu. Parents had bought or baked refreshments and the boys were loving it. All the boys got a t-shirt that said SALAMAT, which is the name of the team.

My outfit | Top: PINK (Victoria's Secret) | Knitting: Part Two | Jeans: Zara | Shoes: Helly Hansen |
Coco's outfit | Top: PO.P (reused) | Bottom: H&M | Socks: Marimekko Unikko | Headpiece: Ruskovilla|
Bobbe wearing | Top: PO.P | Jeans: H&M |
HumHum wearing |ReimaTec overall |

Straight from this party we rushed to another Christmas party. It's the season, can't you tell ;) There we saw real Santa Claus and his wife, ate some rice porridge and played angry birds game. Those are just few things to mention. 

I changed on my Missoni for Lindex blouse.

Now the kids are in bed and it's time to watch X-Factor results :)

I wish you the best weekend!

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