Oh Tannenbaum, Oh Tannenbaum

We had fun yesterday with the kids. Christmas calendar day 15 said: go find a Christmas tree and buy Christmas flowers. My husband was in an ethical Christmas fair in Helsinki Post building. We gave him a lift there and off we went to buy the Christmas tree. First we ate some hamburgers, put some diesel in our car and before getting home we needed to buy some milk and candy. So by the time we got home I was pretty tired. But we had so much fun to do that my tiredness just disappeared.

Now the Christmas tree is melting and drinking some water in our bathroom. We gave it a bath just now. We still need to find something to put it in and then decorate it.

In the evening I had an evening out. We went to have some dinner and Daniela and me continued to the movies. 

I wore
| Dress: Lindex at Holly White | Kintting: In Wear | Jeans: Diesel | Shoes: Helly Hansen | Coat: Vila |

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  1. I will kick your behind. What is this for a photo of me???

  2. You look like a film star acting in some movie :)