Sale shopping

I spent almost the whole day in the city center. I met with my sister and we shopped. My budget didn't allow me to take all the things I would have wanted to have to home :( But maybe it's better this way!

Those Camper shoes above were left in the store. I did buy another pair. But I'm still seriously thinking of going to buy these too. If there still are any left after New Year. These were on sale too -50%. I  didn't buy the Marc Jacobs one's I tried on earlier, if you remember them. They were on sale too.  I'm a bit sad. I also would have wanted to buy Diesel Jogg jeans, but since I have similar kind already I didn't buy them. But my sister did :)

I wore today | Top: H&M | Knit: H&M | Pants: Holly Whyte at Lindex | Shoes: Ecco | Scarf: H&M |

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