They are ready

We finished our ginger bread houses today. We put them together and decorated them with the help of this tutorial. The boys and I made our own houses. It was fun. The boys didn't like my house. They thought it is boring :) I don't care. I like it.

After burning my fingers so many times I have stopped using hot sugar for gluing. Now we just used the sugar icing.

The Christmas stress had attacked me. I wish I could just take it easy. I'm thinking of "what to do" -lists. Or creating ones. My head is so filled with things that need to be done.

Now I'm just relaxing. I have still time to do everything. I can't wait to sit in the dinner table on Christmas eve. Enjoy every taste and the the Christmas feeling. See the kids open their presents, play with them. I just want to sit down, watch a good movie and eat all the goodies.

List for tomorrow:
- Put the ham on the cold water
- Outdoors with kids
- Clean the house one more time
- Bake the desserts from Christmas menu
- Wrap gifts
- Dye my roots

It's all most here! I love to stair our Christmas tree. It's so pretty with the lights.

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